Masterpiece Thangka - White Tara - 82x64 cm

Masterpiece Thangka – White Tara – 82×64 cm

Masterpiece Thangka - White Tara - 82x64 cm

Masterpiece Thangka – White Tara – 82×64 cm

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This is a Painting of high Mastery of tibetan tradition. It made by a PaubhaMaster of the Newari tradition. This typology of art is handed down only to students chosen by the Master. To realize these works, is necessary to have a special dowry, which a true Master is able to recognize in the students.
The aim of this special art is to convey the essence of divinity.

In this painting you can see the mastery and the highest quality of current Tibetan art. The deity depicted is White Tara.

The material realization of a thangka, as indeed happens for most Buddhist art, is highly geometric in nature. Arms, legs, eyes, nostrils, ears and various ritual objects are all placed on a systematic grid of intersecting angles and lines. A good master of thangka generally chooses from a variety of pre-arranged forms, those to be inserted in the composition, on a range ranging from cups for alms, to animals, to the shape, size and angle of eyes, nose and lips of a figure. The procedure appears very scientific, but often requires a very deep knowledge of the symbolism of the scene that is being painted, in order to grasp its essence or spirit.

The material is cotton canvas, and the colors are water-soluble pigments, both minerals and organic materials, tempered with a solution of grass and glue.

Size : 82x64 cm

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