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Mandala Mantra/Yantra OM and Auspicious Symbols - 100 cm

Traditional Mandala Mantra/Yantra Om

Mandala Mantra/Yantra OM and Auspicious Symbols - 100 cm

Traditional Mandala Mantra/Yantra Om

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MANDALA MANTRA/YANTRA OM and Auspicious Symbols

This Mandala consist of a Mantra cyclicality and Yantra support. The YANTRA is a base that symbolizes the existing material reality, and Mantra cyclicality is a spiritual and etheric base. The concept of this Mantra base also means High and Clean Energy. Theese two bases support the internal symbol, from which the Mandala takes the main meaning.
In this Mandala, the inscriptions are a mantra in Tibetan language, or a repeated prayer, in order to support the center. The written prayer is pronounced: "Om-mani-padme-hum" and the meaning attributed is universal love and compassion, which represent the foundations of Buddhism.

 Symbol in the center :

The OM symbol is the symbol of harmony. It indicates the "sound of Creation" in which all things vibrate and live in material reality. The symbol of the AUM, or even written OM, in fact represents the primordial union with creation. So it exhorts an intimate connection at pace with the whole thing.

Inside the Yantra there are 8 Infinity Knots
Infinity Knot : symbol of protection and friendship, it exhorts knowledge and clarity of the dynamics of cause and effect, of the universe, this is represented by the geometric lines that intersect. It means realization that all things are interdependent with each other.

At the doors of the Yantra there are "3 Jewels"
​3 Jewels : The 3 Jewels represent the Buddha, the Dharma and the Sangha.
The Buddha is the awakened one, the one who has achieved enlightenment and realization.
The Dharma is the teaching and the way that the Buddha showed us.
The Sangha are the individuals who are on this spiritual path.​

The material is cotton canvas, and the colors are water-soluble pigments, both minerals and organic materials, tempered with a solution of grass and glue.

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