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Mandala Mantra Hri and Lotus Flower - 105 cm

Mandala Mantra Hri and Lotus Flower

Mandala Mantra Hri and Lotus Flower - 105 cm

Mandala Mantra Hri and Lotus Flower

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This Mandala consists of a Mantra cyclicality, which is a spiritual and etheric basis, and supports the symbol in the center. The concept of this base also means High and Clean Energy.

In this Mandala, the inscriptions are a mantra in Tibetan language, or a repeated prayer, in order to support the symbol in the center, which gives meaning to the Mandala. The written prayer is pronounced: "Om-mani-padme-hum" and the meaning attributed, is universal love and compassion, which represent the foundations of Buddhism.
This mantra is probably the most famous and used in Tibetan Buddhism, and if pronounced repeatedly it has a beneficial effect in the psyche and mind.

​Symbol in the center :

- The HRI symbol is a "seed" syllable, and is the symbol of compassion and love. It represents the realization of the blessing of all life. 

- The syllables inside Lotus flower petals make up the Om-Ma-Ni-Pad-Me-Hum Mantra. 

- Lotus flower : the symbol indicates and recalls purity, beauty, fertility, transformation and self-healing ability. It is not a coincidence that in the iconography of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, they are depicted sitting on a lotus flower-shaped throne. 

The material is cotton canvas, and the colors are water-soluble pigments, both minerals and organic materials, tempered with a solution of grass and glue

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